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You are a private entity, institutional enterprise or corporate investor, based in China or in the Asian neighborhood. And you are building on the “One Belt One Road” initiative – bridging (across Eurasia) the Fast East and Europe. You have traveled the world, ventured across Europe and possibly visited and enjoyed Switzerland. As a luxury destination, and as a safe and reliable hub for both leisure and business. Bringing your ideas and your investment portfolios to Switzerland, into the very heart of Europe, can be a future-safe action. And PRIME SWITZERLAND will serve you as your platform to connect China and the Far East with potential sellers and developers in the west. We will perform by the known values of Switzerland: sincerity, reliability, stability and sustainability. We look forward to meeting you.




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You are visiting here an exclusive platform for a variety of Investment Opportunities, corporate M&A involvements or luxury consumer goods and venues. Each proposal has been carefully selected and assessed whether it is suitable for Asian investors. Access to these offers is granted through a cautiously applied registration system, which guarantees confidentiality and your privacy. Once duly registered, you can visit and download short teasing documents, which include the key facts and your contact to proceed. Thank you for your interest.


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At your service are senior executives, all from Switzerland and all offering a long-lasting working relation with the Far East. We have been connecting China with the ‘Old World’ since many decades, and we are still enjoying it. Zurich, Switzerland, is the key business hub and our home-base at the same time. Shanghai is very much where China’s outbound initiatives are rooted and where we have put our consulting site for over a decade. And doing smoothly business across the globe would not be complete without having know-how and expertise based in London, England as well. Therefore, PRIME SWITZERLAND is based in those great metropolises Zurich, Shanghai, and London. Our network, however, is global. Please contact us.

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